Smog Check Coupon

We sweeten the deal with special Smog Check Coupons to lower your costs even more. Call us today to set up an appointment, or come right in for the walk in service. Either way, we will honor our coupons and get you on your way in 15 minutes or less!

Smog Check Coupon-orange smog

Smog Check Coupon-orange smog

Smog-check-coupon-orange smog

Smog-check-coupon-orange smog

$29.75 Smog Check Coupon:

  • + $8.25 Certificate
  • Must Present Coupon in Mobile or Print
  • Van, Truck, SUVs extra
  • Not Valid with other Offers

We perform smog tests within 15 minutes or less. You are in and out of our smog station quickly.

Reliable Smog Testing! We have the latest equipment for smog testing! Our smog checks are completely reliable. Our well-maintained smog equipment never produces false readings that would cause you to get work done unnecessarily!

Smog Check Services

  • We smog test all vehicles
  • All DMV Smog Inspection
  • Diesel Smog Check
  • Smog Testing for DMV Renewal
  • STAR directed Smog Checks
  • Gross Polluter Certification

Smog Location:

Lincoln & Glassell Auto Services

120 W Lincoln Ave
Orange, CA 92865
Call now: (714) 602-7989

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